Welcome to Food Psych podcast. 

In each episode, nutritionist Christy Harrison talks with guests—chefs, comedians, writers, actors, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people—about their relationships to food, weird eating habits, and fond food memories. We also discuss the science of eating disorders, substance addiction, and how foods affect the brain, offering some nutrition tips along the way.

Latest episode: Let Us Eat Cookies

Jessie Oleson Moore, creator of the illustrated dessert blog Cake Spy, discusses her struggle with anorexia and how writing about food has helped set her on the road to recovery. Listen above, and head to the episode page to find out more about our guest!


Previous episode: Yoga in Recovery

Christy talks with two guests who used yoga in their own recovery from eating disorders and are now working to help others heal. Nutrition therapist and yoga instructor Anastasia Nevin discusses her history with food and why she believes healing has to involve connecting to your body. Then, yoga instructor and author Sarahjoy Marsh shares her painful eating disorder history and how she first stumbled upon yoga. Listen here, then head to the episode page to find out more!