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In each episode, nutritionist Christy Harrison talks with guests—chefs, comedians, writers, actors, psychologists, entrepreneurs, and other interesting people—about their relationships to food, weird eating habits, and fond food memories. We also discuss the science of eating disorders, substance addiction, and how foods affect the brain, offering some nutrition tips along the way.

Latest episode: When Healthy Eating Hurts

Writer and fellow podcaster Katie Dalebout shares how her obsession with clean food turned into an eating disorder, and how she started on her journey toward recovery. Listen below, and head to the episode page to find out more about our guest. Plus, hear Katie interview Christy in part 2 of this series, over at The Wellness Wonderland


Previous episode: Stop Counting


Comedian Chrissie Mayr discusses family food habits, why she dieted constantly in college, and how she finally stopped obsessing about food and her weight. Listen here, and head to the episode page to find out more about our guest.